Power Guilds

A powerful bot that moderates your server
as well as generates AI art for free.


Features We Offer

Using Guilded Was Never Been This Fun

Feature 1

Run Any Code

With support for 85 code languages, run any code from the comfort of Guilded. (Doesn't Support Mobile Codeblocks) Powered By Piston

Feature 2

Playful Commands

Power Guilds includes fun commands to play with in your meantime.

Feature 3

Powerful Moderation

Power Guilds has the powerful moderation tools for your Guilded server.

The First Guilded Bot That

Features AI Functionality

Your Image

AI Image Generation

Our image models create stunning images based on text prompts. With advanced algorithms, our models can transform text descriptions into unique and visually striking images for personal or commercial use. Customization options include size, color palette, and style, making it easy to produce high-quality visual content quickly and effortlessly.

Stunning Images

We offer 3 image models: OpenJourney, Sky-2 and Stable Diffusion. While Sky-2 and Stable Diffusion are both premium models and only available to our patrons, OpenJourney is free to use.
These are images generated by people in our own community.

Let's see what you have in mind